Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to log in with Slack?

A: RelayPad uses Slack’s authentication to confirm that you are an active member of your Slack team. We also import your Slack profile to create your RelayPad profile, which saves you time and makes it easier for your teammates to recognize you when sharing notes.

Q: What if my team doesn’t use Slack?

A: Right now, RelayPad only supports Slack teams. We may look at adding support for other platforms like Microsoft Teams in the future, but we’re currently focused on building the best possible experience for Slack.

Q: Does my entire team have to use RelayPad?

A: Nope! We designed RelayPad to be super easy to try without having to get buy-in from your whole team. You can use RelayPad all by yourself to start documenting your learnings and ideas. When you want to share a note with anyone (or everyone) on your team, all they have to do is sign in with their Slack account to read and comment. They won’t have to create any new accounts or pay for any subscriptions.

Q: Who can see my notes?

A: By default, your notes are private and viewable only by you. You can publish a note to your team, which lets anyone on your Slack team read or comment on that note. You are the only person that can edit your notes. No one outside your Slack team can ever see your RelayPad notes.

Q: What’s the difference between “Sign in with Slack” and adding the RelayPad app to Slack?

A: There are two ways you can use RelayPad with your team. The first way is to sign in to RelayPad using Slack’s authentication system. Signing in with Slack confirms that you are a member of your Slack team, and gives us a little bit of information about you (like your username, email address, photo, and team name). It’s enough for you to start writing and sharing notes with your team, and doesn’t count against your team’s app integration limits or require a team admin to install for you.

When you add the RelayPad app to Slack, you let RelayPad know more info about your team (such as the names of all active team members and channels), and give the Slack app permission to access your team’s published notes. Slack can show note previews when you share a link in a Slack channel, and you can search your notes from within Slack. You may need a team admin to add the RelayPad app to Slack, and you also need to do this before you can upgrade to the Team Library.

Q: Can I export my notes?

A: Your notes can be downloaded individually as HTML files. More formats and options will be coming in the future.

Q: Are there desktop and mobile apps for RelayPad?

A: Not yet, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, all RelayPad notes are optimized for reading in both desktop and mobile browsers, although you can’t currently write notes on mobile devices.

Q: Can I use RelayPad for free?

A: Yes! RelayPad’s free plan lets you create as many notes as you like. You can share these notes with your teammates in Slack, by email, or simply sharing the URL to any notes you publish.

Q: What’s different between the Free plan and the Team plan?

A: The Team plan organizes all the notes your team has published into a Team Library. The library’s feed is an easy way to keep track of newly-published content across your team. Additionaly you can search across all of your team’s shared notes and organize your team’s notes with tags.

With the free individual plan you can only see your personal feed, and search across your own notes.

Q: How is the Team plan price calculated?

A: The Team plan monthly price starts at $25, which includes 10 free members. Every additional member is charged $7. Example: If you have a team with 15 members, your monthly total would be $60 ($25 for 10 members, plus 5 additional members at $7 each).

Q: How is my team size calculated?

A: Shortly before billing your account, we receive an up-to-date list of members from Slack. Your team size is the total number of active members in your Slack team, not including guest members.

Q: How is my payment processed?

A: Stripe processes your credit card payment. It’s the same industry-leading payment processor used by Slack, Instacart, and Lyft. We do not handle your credit card information directly.

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Last updated on 05/27/2019